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Modesto Ski Club Lodge

 The Modesto Ski Club is a group of ski and snowboard enthusiasts who share a lodge in Truckee, California. The lodge can host up to 31 people and has comfortable amenities such as a double kitchen, two living rooms, and a cozy fireplace. The lodge is run by the trustees of the club and the lodge chairperson handles the reservations and room assignments.

The club organizes various activities throughout the year, such as skiing/snowboarding, hiking, biking, wine tasting and BBQs. These events are open to all members and guests who want to enjoy the outdoors and have fun with fellow skiers/snowboarders. The club welcomes new members who share a passion for skiing/snowboarding and the mountains.

The Modesto Ski Club offers its members the opportunity to join ski and snowboard trips both national and international, organized by the Far West Ski Association and Bay Area Snow Sports Council. These trips are a great way to explore new destinations and meet other ski/snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts.