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2023 Member of the Year

Chris Hutton | Published on 3/1/2024


Modesto Ski Club


Member of the year.

This year, the board has voted to appoint **Bernie Fairfield** as the outstanding member of the year. Over the past year, he has been instrumental and a driving force in the revision of both the **Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)** and the **By-Laws**—a tremendous task. This work was essential because there were a lot of inconsistencies, errors, and outdated language that have all been addressed to make it easier for members and the board to operate and for future generations. Bernie also stepped in when the club needed an historian, over the past few years Berine has given us stories of long-lost club members and other interesting history many members never knew, but Bernie lived it. He even tried to introduce parking meters at the lodge in one April newsletter. We sincerely thank him for his tireless efforts, which he says were enjoyable, even if Sharon says they were occasionally filled with expletives.